Friday, April 26, 2013

Who is AC? by Hope Larson

Who is AC? by Hope Larson

Lin is headed to a new town. On her way there, something strange happens with her cell phone. Was she really zapped with some sort of cellular energy, or was it just a weird turbulence related plane dream?

In her new town, Lin gets to work on her self-published books at the local copy place. At the same time, she's being nagged by a weird number on her phone. There's a dispatcher who thinks that Lin is someone else, or that she could be someone else...someone kind of super.

Been a fan of the modern super hero reboots like Batman and The Avengers? You may want to find out just Who is AC. There aren't too many awesome teen girl supers out there and it is nice to add a brand new one to the crew.

This is a fast fast read! And you will be left wanting more. Hope Larson and Tintin Pantoja, we hope you're writing the next volume as fast as you can!

Want a sneak peek at the art? PLUS an interview with Hope Larson??
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