Wednesday, April 10, 2013

That Time I Joined the Circus by J. J. Howard

That Time I Joined the Circus by J.J. Howard

Lexi is a music snob born and bred in New York City. She's the type of girl who knows all the best places in her home town and shudders to think about living anywhere that the subway couldn't reach. Not exactly the type of girl who you'd expect to find shoveling elephant manure in Florida.

But, life is full of the unexpected and in one awful day Lexi finds herself without any of the things that used to make NYC her home. One tragic accident and one horrible mistake and Lexi finds herself on a greyhound bus, trying to find the woman who left her father and her behind when Lexi was small.

But at the end of her trip, she finds herself at the circus where her mother was supposed to be with no leads and nowhere else to go. Suddenly this city girl is extremely happy for a bunk and a spot on the circus crew. It's another world from the one she left behind, one where the performers are part of families who have been working under the big top for generations and many of the crew are just as alone as she is. Somehow Lexi's stumbled onto the perfect place to forget about how perfect her life used to be. And, in addition to the friends she's making, it doesn't hurt that there are plenty of good looking boys her own age to distract her as well.

But when someone from her past shows up in Lexi's new life will she be forced to deal with everything she's left behind?

This is a cool contemporary for fans of Morgan Matson, Jennifer E. Smith or Melissa Walker. Lexi is a flawed heroine, she's made a lot of mistakes already and she's likely to make a lot more, but the reader still roots for her because she knows just what a mess she is. Lexi is harder on herself than anyone else and it's fun to see how the circus gives her the second chance she doesn't think she deserves. Grab your ticket and step right up to the striped tent, you won't want to mix Lexi's big-top adventure.

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