Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

Annoying is being almost done with high school and never having even kissed a girl. It's also being plagued by reoccurring dreams of a the same beautiful girl who seems familiar, but you've never met. And most annoying is being known for something you don't even remember, even though it's the thing that completely changed your life forever.

That is Vane Weston's life in one word: annoying. He's known as the kid who survived a tornado at seven, despite the fact that it ripped up his house and took out his parents, but somehow he was completely unharmed. Worse than being known as the "miracle child" is the fact that he can't remember anything before that night, doctors have been telling him for years that it's a perfectly normal reaction for the brain to have to trauma, but it just makes him feel like even more of a freak.

But Vane has no idea just how freakish his life is about to become when the girl from his dream walks into his life for real. Only she's not an ordinary girl. She's a sylph, an air elemental who can call the wind. If she's telling the truth, Vane's World is about to turn inside-out. She wants him to believe that he isn't the normal (if absurdly weird) teen that he's always thought, instead he's an elemental, like Audra. Not only that but he's important enough that Audra's spent her entire life protecting him so that when the time was right he'd be safe and ready to begin his training. To, you know, save the world and stuff.

Can he trust Audra when she's so obviously not telling him the whole story? Why has she been haunting his dreams? Can he possibly be the weapon against evil that she thinks he is? Can he keep his mind off how gorgeous Audra is enough to focus on his training? Let The Skyfall is the first book of a series, but have no fear, all off these questions are answered before the last page, for once no cliff-hanger endings to this one! If you are in the mood for a cinematic paranormal romance, this one's for you.

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