Friday, March 22, 2013

Spotlight on our Ticket Contest: Crazy by Han Nolan

One of the reasons we are so excited about The Kennedy Center's production of Jason Invisible is that it's based on a book by one of YA's premiere authors. Our librarian, Lisa, read it after one of her TAB students enthusiastically recommended it. Read her review AND THEN ENTER TO WIN TICKETS BY LEAVING YOUR NAME IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST.

Crazy by Han Nolan

"Everyone has disturbing thoughts. It's normal," claims 15-year-old Jason. But most people's disturbing thoughts don't include memories of almost being buried alive by one's father. Jason's trying to hide his dad's emotionally unstable condition while taking care of him. Since Jason's mom died, Jason's the only one around to watch out for his dad, and he doesn't want the authorities to take him to an institution. 
Jason's main companions are the cast of characters who live in his head, and with whom he's constantly conversing. There's Sexy Lady, the whacky Crazy Glue, motherly Aunt Bee, and BFG with a Mustache (short for the fat bald guy who writes movie reviews in the back of the theater). They all have plenty to say about Jason's life! 

The story is mainly told through the dialogue of Jason and his invisible friends. But they aren't the only invisible characters. Jason's strategy for surviving high school and keeping his dad's deteriorating condition a secret is to remain as invisible as possible. 

This plan totally backfires after Jason begins writing an anonymous advice column in the school paper. Then when he's put in a support group at school his defenses begin to lower as he gets to know the other students with less-than-perfect lives.

 Join Jason, his inner cast of characters, and his new group of "weird" friends as they work together to deal with an insane situation. Read Crazy by Han Nolan, then go to the Kennedy Center and see "Jason Invisible," the play based on the book. I can't wait to see how the actors bring this story to life! 

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