Monday, March 4, 2013

Salvation by Anne Osterlund

Salvation by Anne Osterlund

Salva is the type of guy who is very comfortable being vice president of the school class, or assistant captain of the team. He's more than popular enough to be the best and he's got the brains to be a lot better in his classes, but he likes being just a bit under the radar. He's comfortable being comfortable.

Beth has never been that girl. She wants to reach for the stars and get out of her trailer as soon as possible. She's happiest with her nose in a book or helping her over-committed friend get everything she needs to get done. She is not the type of person that someone like Salva would notice, unless one of the girls who spends all day trying to get his attention were to trip her in front of him.

But, Salva has more to him than a pretty face and when he needs a little bit of help in English, Beth is his first choice for tutor. As he gets to know the girl behind the brain, he begins to want to know just what makes her tick. Beth, on the other hand, can't believe that a guy like Salva could be happy just getting by. Doesn't he have any big dreams? Why is he so scared to put himself out there?

This is a straight up romance that feels more realistic than over-the-top. Not exactly a bad boy/good girl situation, instead Salva is a good guy who just runs in a different circle than Beth. They both have struggles at home and plenty in common, but without a little bit of fate they could probably have made it through their entire high school career without speaking. Luckily for us, that's not the case. If you're looking for a book to cheer up your dreary not-quite-spring day, this one is a perfect fit. Great for readers of Susane Colasanti or Suzanne Selfors and other fans of contemporary romance.

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