Friday, March 29, 2013

Relish by Lucy Knisley

Relish by Lucy Knisley

They aren't kidding around when they say that you are going to miss home cooking when you go to college. Even that macaroni bake that your mother only makes when she's out of groceries, you are going to miss it. Years later, you might find yourself trying to figure out just that recipe to make it on your own.

Lucy Knisley knows that I'm right about this. Her book Relish: My Life in the Kitchen is an ode to the food she grew up with. But, she had parents who were serious about food. She grew up in the kitchens of restaurants and chefs. When she's feeling nostalgic for food, she's feeling nostalgic for homemade pesto and maybe even foie gras. But even if the only thing you've eaten that she talks about is chocolate chip cookies, if you like food (either eating it or cooking it) you are going to find a reason to like this book.

This is a graphic memoir, so not only do you get Lucy's funny memories AND recipes to go along with the stories of her adventures with her parents and on her own, but you also get her illustrations. They are charming and hilarious and also serve to make you even hungrier than you might have been if there were just words alone. Whether she is talking about chocolate or sushi, you are going to find yourself wanting some as soon as you're done.

Food is definitely tied to memories, both happy and sad, important and not. Lucy takes us through it all, including the trip to McDonald's in Spain when her dad would have been just appalled by her choosing an American hamburger in the middle of all this amazing Spanish food. She talks about all the foods she secretly craves and the foods she thinks are disgusting- (hint: I totally agree with her on Miracle Whip, blech). She fights with geese, tries her hand at croissants and finds food to dream about all over the world. You'll want to follow behind her and eat leftovers. Luckily she's included many recipes as a road map to the food she loves.

If you find that after you finish, you want more delicious drawings from Ms. Knisley, you can check out her snack blog "Crave This." But, again we have to warn you, don't click hungry.

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