Thursday, March 14, 2013

Read This, Watch That: Lloyd Dobler Edition

You know that thing when a guy stands outside a girl's window and holds up a boom box (maybe blasting Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes")? Do you know where that comes from? In this week's edition of Read This, Watch That we'll clear this cultural phenomenon up for you and introduce you to one of our all time favorite fictional boyfriends- Lloyd Dobler.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell  (You can read our full review here)

Eleanor doesn't choose to sit next to Park, it's just the only seat that opens up on her first day at a new school, but sometimes fate steps in (though not often in Eleanor's case) and for once this chance seat opening is a lucky one. Park may take a little while to realize what he cares about, but once he does he's the type of guy who Eleanor could definitely use on her side.

For one thing, Park's got great taste in music and comic books and at Eleanor's school, that alone is reason enough to snatch him up as friend material. On top of that he's got a good heart and a strong need to stand up for the people he cares about.  

For once in her life Eleanor has someone on her side. In Eleanor and Park you'll find out just what Park and Eleanor have to fight back against.


Say Anything
Park may know taekwondo, but for Lloyd, kick boxing is the sport of the future and the only thing that he seems to be any good at. How is it that people expect you to know what you're going to do at age 18? Pretty much the only thing Lloyd Dobler can think that he wants to do is get a date with the class brainiac, Diane Court. 

Diane Court, on the other hand, has it all figured out. She's going to England on a scholarship after four years of crazy hard work to get a 4.0 average and become class valedictorian. The only thing is that after those four years she feels like no one really knows her, so if this Lloyd Dobler wants to go to a graduation dance, maybe now's the chance to try to be a little social.

But when Diane and Lloyd hit it off, can Diane deviate a little from her routine to let Lloyd in to her life? And what if the rest of her life doesn't stick to the plan? Can Lloyd convince her that he's not the thing throwing off her perfect plans? 

To get a glimpse at 80s teen life, and two ultimate fictional guys take a look at Say Anything and Eleanor and Park and you'll be grabbing a boom box and a stack of tapes in no time at all.

Don't forget to check back here TOMORROW when we have the chance to host the author of Eleanor and Park, Rainbow Rowell  for an interview!

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