Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Eleanor & Park Week: Ode to the mixtape, a trailer and playlists.

Today is dedicated to the mix tape.

It has come to our attention that some of you might need a bit of an education when it comes to mixtape making.  This came up because, as we like to do when we fall in love with a book at TATAL, we created a book trailer to go along with Eleanor & Park. For this one Nico went digging through her belongings to find her old Walkman. One of our teen volunteers definitely hadn't seen one in real life before, and we're guessing she's not the only one. Because of this, we wanted to spend a few lines talking about the art of the mix tape.

image used under CC license from Flickr user griangrafphotograph
You can make a playlist on the fly. If you don't have the songs you need, you can buy them immediately (if you've got a few dollars on hand) just by clicking. This wasn't the case with mixtapes. You had to have a plan, and songs (from other tapes? from records? from the radio?) and patience. It took a long time and it was easy to mess up.What we're saying is... mixtapes were serious business.

So, we decided to dedicate our book trailer to this very serious business:

But, we want to make it clear that we are happy to live in a digital age. We do like making playlists whenever we feel like it and emailing links to our friends. And we love that it means that we can get bonus material for our favorite books.

Rainbow Rowell has provided her readers not only with a soundtrack to her book, but with liner notes explaining the significance of each of the tracks. Click here to see all the notes for all the songs.

To give you an idea what the soundtrack is like, here's Side A to Park's playlist:

Eleanor & Park is full of great music and the feeling of finding it for the first time, we hope you'll take some time to listen on your Walkman, discman, mini-disc player, ipod or however else you want to!

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