Monday, March 18, 2013

Cinders and Sapphires by Lelia Rasheed

Cinders and Sapphires by Lelia Rasheed
Things are complicated at Somerton manor. Rose Cliffe was perfectly happy with the way the calm and quiet estate had been for years, but those days are over. Now not only have Ada and Georgiana returned home from India with their father (who had to leave his government post under some mysterious circumstances), but also joining the household will be the girls new stepmother and her three nearly grown children as well.

All of the ladies of the manor need to have their clothes tended to and their rooms kept clean and Rose is just one of a big staff of people who make sure that all of these chores are done without any of the members of the family even noticing. But Rose knows that there's nearly as much drama downstairs among the staff as upstairs.Will she be able to keep away from the new ladies maid who seems intent on sticking her nose in everyone's business?

Lady Ada would be a lot happier if next year she could be picking out classes at Oxford instead of facing the very real possibility that she'll be planning a wedding. Suffragettes may be speaking about the rights of women on the streets, but they are not heard behind the walls of Somerton. Her father's abandoned post means that she may have to put her family's reputation above her own happiness. But, when she falls for a young man who could never support her position in society that suddenly seems like a much harder choice to make.

If you just devoured season three of Downton Abbey or just wish you lived in a big English manor, this book will fill your need for drama, secrets and intrigue. For a society that is supposed to be the most polite and civilized around, prepare for some underhanded and sneaky people. You think the girls in Gossip Girl are out to get each other, wait till you meet Lady Ada's step sisters...

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