Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Radio Week- "Who Loves the Sun" by the Velvet Underground

Jennie's taking over our Radio Week Jukebox today with a throwback:

My song is “Who Loves the Sun” by Velvet Underground. There’s not an official video for it, but here’s a “video” of a photo of the band while listening to the song! (fun fact - our blog mistress Nico was named after a girl in this band)

I love this song because the peppy, catchy melody belies the sadness of the lyrics. (Who loves the sun, who cares that it makes plants  grow, who cares what it does, since you broke my heart?)

Some break up books, like Adele’s entire 21 album, make you cry. Some break up books, like this song, make you laugh.

Audrey, Wait by Robin Benway is one such book (see our full review here). Evan may have been a stoner slacker, but it still really tore Audrey up to break up with him. It was something that had to be done though, so she did. Then Evan writes a song about it, a song that makes his band hit the big time and suddenly Audrey is the most hated girl in America. Her cell phone number has been leaked to the press, reporters don’t understand sarcasm, and apparently her love life is now a topic of national conversation.

Audrey’s sure to make you laugh, and hey—breakups are awful, but at least yours isn’t national news. (We hope.)

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