Wednesday, February 27, 2013

E-Only Spotlight: Shadow Cats by Rae Carson

We are excited to spotlight some of our e-only content. Today Jennie takes a look at an extra story from Rae Carson, author of The Girl of Fire and Thorns (see our full review here).

Shadow Cats by Rae Carson.

Alodia knows that one day she will be queen. Hopefully, it won’t be for years, but she also knows that she needs to start building her support now. So, she accepts an invitation to the wedding of a Conde of an outer district. What she sees shocks her—this district has been long neglected, and the earth is barren, the people starving and hostile to the crown. She must find a way to fix this. She must act like the queen she one day will be.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns, and its sequel, Crown ofEmbers, focuses on Elisa’s story and her battles with the Invierne. Fans will know of Elisa’s jealousy of her sister Alodia. Now we learn of Alodia’s jealousy of Elisa. Alodia has dedicated her life to being a good ruler, to knowing the ins and outs of court life and politics. Elisa does nothing but pray all day, and yet it’s Elisa who is chosen for greatness.

In addition to showing readers the other side of their relationship, we also get deeper glimpses into the war with the Invierne and the politics and issues in this wonderful world that Carson has created.

It’s not a full length book—if it were in print, it would probably only be about 30 pages. But, if can’t wait for this fall’s release of The Bitter Kingdom, this will help tide you over. Even better, in March, she’s releasing another short story, The Shattered Mountain, which tells of Mara’s story before she became Elisa’s handmaiden.

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