Wednesday, January 23, 2013

While You're Waiting to those Acceptances to Roll in, Get a Jump on Scholarships!

 Kate, our fabulous college and career librarian is here with a quick pop quiz:

Quick question: What’s better than getting into your top college? 
Answer: Getting into your top college and paying a lot less.  How do you do that? Apply for scholarships!  

Think you don’t qualify?  Think again!  We have books on getting scholarships even if you’re not a straight-A student or champion bagpipe player.  
Fill out the questionnaire with the necessary facts and your interests, and get a list of scholarship you will most likely qualify for.  In fact, just filling out the form will qualify you for one!

Also – be sure to check out the local scholarships from the Arlington Community Foundation!

Want more guidance? Check out the below books: 

The "C" Students Guide to Scholarships : a Creative Guide to Finding Scholarships When Your Grades Suck and Your Parents are Broke! by Felecia Hatcher

An excellent starting place when looking for scholarships if you spent time on other things besides straight As and saving a caravan of children from hungry tigers.

1001 Ways to pay for College by Gen & Kelly Tanable
One of the more through books on financial aid and scholarships is the Tanabe’s complete guide.  Easily browsed, you can use it as a step-by step blueprint for paying for college. 

Be sure to fill out the FAFSA, too.  You can do that online here.  

Have further questions?  

Come to my scholarship workshop
February 12th at 7pm
at the Central Library Cyber Center
(check-in begins 30 minutes in advance) or contact me at 703-228-5988.

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