Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teen Review: Looking for Great Books (And Alaska)

Our teen reviewer Neeka is back with a look at one of her (and our) favorite authors' debut:

Looking for Alaska by John Green

As you may or may not know from my previous reviews, I am a major fan of John Green, for his fantastic novel The Fault in Our Stars (see her review here). This is a review of another of Mr. Green’s books, Looking for Alaska.

Miles Halter is “seeking a Great Perhaps”, which is why he’s going to boarding school in Alabama. He doesn’t expect to make friends with Chip(aka The Colonel), who nicknames him Pudge out of irony. And then there’s Alaska Young. Alaska is beautiful,funny, clever, smart, and completely fascinating. Pudge certainly doesn’t expect her.

There are many reasons why I love this novel. Let’s go through a few. First of all, the format. The book is split up cleverly into two parts-'Before' and 'After.' Every part of the book that is before/after includes a countdown-for example, “Ten days before” or “Thirty days after”. The big event is what splits up the before and after. The big event shall remain unnamed for it will spoil the book.

Second, the plot is so entrancing and interesting that I quite literally could not put this book down. Side note: do you know how hard it is to read a novel while also doing your homework?

The third reason I love this novel is how relatable it is. Of course, events within the story haven’t happened to me, and probably haven’t happened to you, yet you still feel like you can really relate to it. The thing is, the narration is so beautifully written that you feel as if everything happening to Pudge happens to you. And trust me, sometimes that’s not a particularly fun feeling. You will cry. But you will laugh. Therefore you probably shouldn’t read this book in a public place where strangers will wonder what kind of book can be so moving and seamless that it makes a teenager actually shed tears.

Another reason I love this? The characters. They’re all so...realistic. The story is written in a way that you just want to go inside Culver Creek Boarding School and hate the Weekday Warriors, but be best friends with Alaska and Pudge and The Colonel. And not just for their cool names.

And so, in conclusion, we have learned a few things from this review. One, Looking for Alaska is an amazing book and you should buy it or check it out from the library right now. Two, reading while doing homework is a good idea.(Just kidding. I’m a bad influence, kids.)And three, lists are a very fun way to sum up how absolutely spectacular a novel is.

So there you go. Hopefully this has been an interesting enough review that it makes you want to read Looking for Alaska. Because you should.

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