Friday, January 18, 2013

Read This, Watch That: First Daughter Edition

Are you planning to head to the National Mall for the Inauguration? We're pretty excited and to get you in the mood for a very Presidential weekend, we're dedicating this edition of Read This, Watch That to our favorite residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Malia and Sasha (who are totally eligible for library cards! Come on in ladies, we'd love to recommend some great YA lit for you both!). Whether you live in the White House or an apartment house, we think you'll have some fun with this book and movie pairing:

Read This:

By Mitali Perkins

"First Daughter To-Do List:  Item One. Figure out my own way to play by the rules."

In the sequel to First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover, adopted Pakistani-born Sameera has just become the First Daughter of the United States.  That means her life has changed big time, and she’s not entirely happy about it.  Secret service guys follow her around all the time.  Bobby, the boy she hopes will be her boyfriend, suddenly stops talking to her.  Word on the street is that she’s pampered and couldn’t last a day at a public high school.  But she’s the President’s daughter.  How could she have a normal date or even a normal day at school?  There are rules. 

Watch That:

Chasing Liberty
Anna Foster has been the perfect First Daughter, she's met dignitaries and smiled for crowds and she's stayed out of trouble. But it hasn't exactly been a lot of fun.

Now that she's about to go away to college she just wishes her dad would give her a little more freedom. When he ruins her date with an entire cadre of secret service agents, Anna has had enough! Her family is going to Europe and she's determined to have some time to herself, even if it means going against her father's wishes.

When she meets Ben Calder, it seems that fate finally is smiling on her and giving her a chance to have some fun. But, will it all fall apart when she learns Ben's not telling her the whole truth?

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