Monday, November 26, 2012

Seven: the Series

Looking for a new adventure series? Don't want to wait for the next books to be published? Seven, a new series on our shelves, may be just what you're looking for. The series follows seven cousins who each have a mission from their recently deceased grandfather.  The missions will take them around the world, to meet new people and discover parts of their grandfather's past that no one knows about. What's also cool is that they were all written by seven different authors AND released on the same day, so once you start, you can keep going to find out just what happens to each of the grandsons.

Here's a look at two of the books in the series:

Jump Cut  by Ted Staunton
Spencer isn't sure why his granddad didn't send him on an over seas mission. Instead he's being sent to upstate New York. It's his interest in film that seems to have caught his grandfather's attention. But Spencer wants to make movies like The Fast and The Furious not Casablanca... and that's much more what his grandfather has in mind. He's on a mission to film a kiss from a 1940s movie star, boring as all get out, but at least it should be easy to finish.

Except that this mission soon takes a turn that makes it seem a lot more like a Hollywood script. The kind with mobsters and old film starlets who are way too happy to hijack a convertible and take off.

Last Message by Shane Peacock 
Adam was lucky enough that his mission takes him to Paris. He's really looking to prove himself on this adventure because he truly believes that his grandfather didn't think he would amount to much. Adam knows that he's not the best athlete on the football team, but he's still on the team (and the hockey team too!) and this is his chance to prove himself once and for all to his entire family.

So, he's off to France. His parents head off to a romantic vacation and he's off to follow in his father's footsteps, 40 plus years before. Adam thinks he's totally ready for any action-movie worthy adventure his grandfather has in store for him... but is that just his ego talking or can Adam really restore his grandfather's good name AND learn a little bit about the meaning of life from an ancient French cave?

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