Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall into Writing: Let's Write Fan Fic!

November 16 from 4-5 pm at Cherrydale Library

Ever got to the end of a book and thought, "This just isn't enough?" Or watched a TV show and though, "I wonder what happens after the credits rolled?" Then you already have an idea for a fanfic story!

Fanfiction is a great way to practice your writing because you get to use characters that are already formed. Take Harry, Ron and Hermione on an adventure to Egypt, throw the Glee kids into your school or write what happens when Bella and Edward run into some NON-sparkley vamps in Transylvania.

Join us at Cherrydale on November 16 and we'll provide some writing prompts, you bring the imagination. If you're working on a National Novel Writing Month Project, this will be a good break for your brain! Maybe you'll even leave with new inspiration for your own project.

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