Friday, November 30, 2012

2 Authors, 1 Theme: Soldiers with Secrets

In this series, we take a look at two books that, while the authors both had a similar theme, they took their books to two completely different places.

Personal Effects  by E.M. Kokie
There weren't a lot of bright spots in Matt's life to begin with and now that his brother, TJ, was killed in action, it feels like all the light's been sucked out completely. His brother was enough older than him that he's been away pretty much as long as he can remember, but that doesn't seem to make anything easier. Matt's basically a powder keg with no way to keep himself from exploding.

But, when his family receives foot lockers full of TJ's possessions, Matt gets a glimpse of what his brother's life was really like and it sets him off on a journey to finally know his brother. Can setting his brother's secrets free help Matt unlock his own heart?  

 If I Lie by Corrine Jackson
Sophie Quinn knows the rumors that are whispered about her. She knows exactly what the people in the checkout lines AND the girls in the high school hallways think about her and she knows just what it would take to clear her name. But, Sophie's pretty sure she's strong enough to keep this lie alive.

Everybody thinks they know what kind of girl Sophie is, the type of girl whose picture would show up on Facebook kissing another boy right before her boyfriend's deployed. The type of girl who doesn't even have the guts to apologize or explain herself. That's NOT who Sophie is, but to tell the truth would unleash secrets that she's promised not to tell. So instead, she let's the whispers eat away at her reputation and her grades and her connections to her friends.

Is one lie worth losing everything over?

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