Thursday, October 4, 2012

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

Katie's got the first in a series that will seriously leave you wanting more...

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan
If it was more Decembery outside and I was putting together my end of the year YA superlatives, Unspoken would be in the running for plenty of awards. First of all, that cover. Le sigh. Gorgeous. Second of all, Kami Glass. Guys, Kami Glass is potentially my Tiny Cooper of 2012. She’s sassy and smart and incredibly witty. In fact, her whole family is. I want to be a Glass and Kami’s best friend all at the same time. None of which may tell you much about what happens in this book, but it should at least get you thinking about checking out your own copy.

Alright. I’ll quit my fictional character crushing. Let’s talk plot. Kami lives in the sleepy, borderline idyllic, English village of Sorry-in-the-Vale. As an aspiring journalist, life in a small quiet town may not sound like the best fodder for juicy news stories: Enter the Lynburns. The Lynburns are a family that holds an immense amount of power in Sorry-in-the-Vale and they have just returned after a very long absence bringing plenty of mystery with them. And Kami seems to the only one interested in uncovering it.

Luckily for Kami, she’s not alone in her quest to unearth the truth. She has an amazing family, the best sort of friends, and a voice in her head. Now, granted, the voice in her head has caused her some problems in the past and she’s learned to keep it to herself for the most part. But the return of the Lynburns means that the boy inside Kami’s head may not remain there much longer. Then again the boy becoming real may be the least of Kami’s problems as violent crimes begin to plague the town and the question of who can be trusted becomes a matter of life or death.

This series opener is a gothic treat that will keep readers guessing to the very end and leave them aching for more Sorry-in-the-Vale and Kami Glass with a cliffhanger ending.

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