Monday, October 1, 2012

Teen Review: A Passion for Patterson by Neeka

Teen reviewer Neeka tells us about her love for a certain author:

On August 6th, Nevermore, the final book in the fantastic Maximum Ride series was released. The author? James Patterson-one of the (unofficial and crowned by me) kings of contemporary science fiction. To celebrate-and mourn-the now finished series, here’s a review of two of his series. Enjoy!

Reviewed first is the Maximum Ride series (six books in all). Thrilling, hilarious, and spine-tingling all at the same time, it accomplishes what so many other authors set out to do and fail: to capture an audience and leave them dumbfounded. There are tons of plot twists. Max and her “flock” are human-bird hybrids, escaping from the wretches of a School. Not much more can be said, because many plot twists = many possible spoilers.

There’s going to be a movie (though the release date was originally in 2010, it keeps getting bumped farther. Currently it’s set to fly into theaters in 2013.) I can’t wait! Read them all before the hype of the movie begins, so that the books won’t all be checked out from the library (remember what happened with the Hunger Games?)!

The other books are the Witch and Wizard series-so far three books. Wisteria and her brother are wizards-and during the New Order (which basically takes all imagination, creativity, and freedom from life) witches and wizards are to be killed. Will they escape? Everything about this series is great. There’s the ever-present sci-fi element-that special obviously science fiction, yet seemingly real because of the way it’s written and the realistic characters that make us all have that Passion for Patterson. This series should be a movie-fingers crossed. Fingers also crossed James Patterson continues writing great books till the end of time!

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