Monday, October 29, 2012

Luminous by Dawn Metcalf

If you used to come to story time at Central when you were little, you might have had the pleasure to know our youth services librarian, Racquel. Today she's bringing you a review of a very cool fantasy novel.

Luminous by  Dawn Metcalf

lu•mi•nous radiating or reflecting light; shining; bright. "Luminoso"

I love books that are all about a fantasy place that no one can visit but you. The Flow is that place. You're not sure if it really exists, but you feel it and know it's there.

Consuela Chavez is just a typical teenager-- until one day while she's taking  a bath, she finds out that she has the ability to unzips her skin -- quite literally ,she can pull it off like she's taking off a sweater, leaving her a glowing Skeleton -- and then she can put on new skins made of fire, air, and water. I know, kind of creepy, huh?

Stepping out of her bathroom, Consuela finds herself sucked into "The Flow," a kind of alternate reality where she ends up meeting other teenagers with special abilities. She soon even finds herself part of The Flow. But, a serial killer is loose in The Flow and Consuela must figure out how to stop the killer, otherwise she may never have the chance to return home.

Consuela was an intriguing main character. Insecure about her old life, she changed and grew while in her new life. Along with Consuela, there are other characters in the Flow with their own special powers. But, what's really cool is that, because the things that used to define them have disappeared, everyone in the Flow is seen differently than they were in their prior life.

Luminous gives readers a great fantasy place that you want to live in. This story was like nothing that I've ever read. I really like how The Flow captured not only my eyes but my heart. Luminous is an amazing unique book with a world like no other!

I hope that Ms. Metcalf is planning a sequel, because I would love to visit the world of The Flow at least one more time.

Oh, and the cover is awesome!

Take a look at this very cool 3D animated book trailer for Luminous! Created by talented artists Jesse Cabrera, Michael Jaso, Alicia Samela & Ali Phelps under the direction of Jason Wiser at The New England Institute of Art.


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