Monday, October 15, 2012

After Hello by Lisa Mangum

After Hello by Lisa Mangum

Sara's got one day in the heart of NYC and she'd like to make the best of it. See the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, all that good stuff. But business meetings that her dad has brought them to the city in order to attend don't seem to end and so she's pretty stuck. Luckily she's found by Sam, a boy whose job in life is to find.

Sam meets Sara on his way back from a finding mission for his brother, but somehow Sara gets them another major gig for a VIP that cannot be disappointed. Before she knows what's happening Sara's holding on to Sam as they race through the city. As they work on their mission, Sam and Sara get closer, but what if today is all they get?

This is a fun romp through New York City and if you enjoy books that take place in just a few hours, you will want to grab up After Hello by Lisa Mangum. When it's done you'll be wondering who you can meet in just one day.

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