Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Very YA Halloween

by user wwarby
used under the CC license
Happy Halloween everyone! We at TATAL are big fans of the holiday and, of course, of Halloween parties! If you have one to go to tonight, we have some ideas on how to make your holiday a very literary one:

Here are our ideas for very YA costumes:

from user joanneteh_32 (loving Laduree)
used under CC license
"I'm going to cheat a bit on this one. Having just read Nico's post on casting The Diviners, I can't help but want to have a pos-i-tutely 1920s Halloween, rocking my best flapper dress and longest string of pearls just like Evie. Not to mention, in classic Libba Bray style (see also: A Great and TerribleBeauty), The Diviners is just a little bit creepy and perfect for channeling on the Day of the Dead.

Truth be told, I can't think of a better book-costume-holiday match up this year. You could have an entire Diviners Halloween bash--complete with jazz music, dancing, and a bit of fortune telling. So embrace your inner Evie (or Sam...), maybe use your super powers for a bit of good, and try to avoid ending up in too much trouble. That might just be a recipe for the happiest of Halloweens."


"I think I'd want to be Nancy Drew. It's a good excuse to walk around with a magnifying glass and a brown plaid coat, saying detective-y things..."

Deviantart user: mero-ix
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"Cassel (or any character from the Curse Workers Series [see our posts] )-- slip on some gloves. Walk up to people while slowly pulling off a glove." 

Oh man, you can't go wrong with being a character from The Outsiders [watch Nico talk more about how much she LOVES this book]. There's a lot of costume options here. You could be Cherry, with a 50s dress and a pony tail, walking around and telling everyone that the sunsets look the same from where you are. Or you could be one of the greasers (Ponyboy! Soda!) with slicked back hair and a leather jacket. You could combine even remix things a little and be a [Spoiler Alert?!] zombie Soc. 

"I went as Laura Ingalls Wilder 3 years in a row. It helps if you have a mom who is boss at sewing. By the third year the skirt was short enough to scandalize pioneer families (ankles showing! oh my!) and I still have the bonnet somewhere...

But if you don't have a boss sewing mom, you should go as a Pretty from Scott Westerfield's Ugly/Pretty/Specials/Extra series. It'd be kinda like going as a Capitol citizen from Hunger Games, loads of garish make-up and clothes (raid your closet for any old 80s dress-up clothes you might have) but you get the added bonus of moving face tattoos! Use glittery face paint or make up that'll catch the light differently at weird angles. It's a quick and easy solution to a last minute costume need."

Katniss from The Hunger Games would be cool, you'd need a bow and arrow and then there'd be lots of chances to run around and hide in the bushes of my neighborhood. Alternatively, you can have the candy in a big bowl and dress as Effie Trinket. You'd answer the door and say "I select you as tribute!"


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