Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Oughta Be In Pictures: The Diviners by Libba Bray

The Diviners by Libba Bray (see our full review here)

In honor of today's official release of Libba Bray's awesomely scary journey into 1920s NYC, Rachel and I decided to cast the big screen version of this novel. It's a good thing we're here to do this job too, because the book's rights have already been scooped up by Parmount.Don't worry giant film studio, we have got the perfect line up to bring this amazing new novel to the screen.

image from user Xoyos.com
used under CC license
Evie as played by Dianna Agron
We pos-i-tutely needed someone with a lot of pizazz and spunk to play our main character. Evie is on her way to great things and she knows that she's the cats meow. Dianna is beautiful and could totally rock a flapper look. On top of that we think she's got plenty of verve and spirit to do our Evie proud.

image from user Pulicciano
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Theta as played by Emmy Rossum
She's the coolest of the cool. Theta is a flapper with a ton of style and an equal ton of secrets.She's the type of girl that makes other people stop and stare when she passes them on the street. We think Emmy Rossum could totally pull off the girl who seems like she's got it more than put together on the outside but has is hiding a lot of turmoil behind her eyes.

We'll be looking for her in next spring's Beautiful Creatures as the beautiful but extremely scary Ridley.

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Sam as played by Andrew Garfield
Sam is a grifter, a cad, a charlatan and, above all, a thief. He's used to relying on his charm to get him out of sticky situations as they come his way. He's a walking ball of charisma. After seeing Andrew Garfield in both The Adventures of Spiderman and The Social Network we are more than convinced that the man knows a little something about charisma.

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Jericho as played by Channing Tatum
Jericho is strong, tough and silent. He's Evie's Uncle Will's right hand man and he is sure that Evie is just going to cause more trouble for her uncle. Jericho is always looking out for Will and he's definitely the type of person you'd like to have on your side.

We think that Channing Tatum could definitely handle being this mysterious and muscle-bound guy, no problem.

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Memphis as played by Alfie Enoch
Memphis is a smooth talker with a big heart. He has to be able to charm the old ladies on his block into buying lottery tickets every day, and still have the soul of a poet. He's the type of guy who will put everybody else's happiness before his own, without even knowing he's doing it.

You may recognize Alfie from playing Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter movies. We think he'd make a perfect Memphis. And he's got the dazzling smile which is key to Memphis' number running luck.

image from user moviesinla
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Uncle Will as played by Paul Bettany
Evie's Uncle Will is the curator of a museum of the occult. He is extremely knowledgeable about the unknowable. He's also very careful, formal and cautious.

We think that Paul Bettany looks like he could A) be a museum curator b) be interested in the dark and mysterious and C) be Dianna Agron's uncle.

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Henry as played by Ed Westwick
Rounding out our cast of characters is Theta's roommate (or brother? twin brother?) Henry. He's a bit older than Theta and he's spent his years working his way up the ropes as a piano player and song writer. Now he's got a great gig playing for the Zeigfield Follies. This is one classy operator.

If there was ever someone who could look comfortable behind a piano in a 1920s vaudeville show, it's Ed Westwick. He pretty much oozes old school cool. Plus he's someone who always looks like he's playing his cards close to his chest, which is Henry all over.

So, casting directors of Paramount, we hope you take our advice seriously. We can't wait to see this movie up on the big screen. For now, check out the incredibly cinematic new book, The Diviners for yourself and tell us who you see in these parts!

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