Monday, September 17, 2012

Middle School Monday: Merits of Mischief: The Bad Apple by T. R. Burns

Katherine has a page-turner for Middle School Monday,  and it's one that will make you laugh-out-loud:

Seamus Hinkle threw an apple. At his substitute teacher. And she died.

Yes, you've got that right. She died. Seamus didn't mean to! He's sorry! He was just trying to prevent her from breaking up that fight between those bullies which most certainly would have caused her to be harmed … Well that didn't work out so well since it turned out Seamus was the one who hurt her, but it was completely UN-INTENTIONAL!!

Well the adults don't care if it was intentional or not, they just decide to ship Seamus off to Kilter Academy, a school for troubled youths. At first the barbed wire and stern headmaster shake Seamus up, but once his parents leave he realizes this school is not quite what he expected. Instead of gruel for lunch, he gets his favorite food: perfectly crunchy fish sticks. And instead of learning how to behave, he's being taught how to misbehave! This isn't a school for punishing troubled youth, it's a school for training trouble makers! Which for most kids would be a relief and AWESOME, but for poor Seamus, who just wants to be good, and wants everyone to know how sorry he is, this is not his idea of fun…

It is funny, however, to  see what happens when staring contest All-Stars, pathological liars, graffiti artists, pyromaniacs, as well as one very apologetic murderer, all go to school together as they work their way to completing the ULTIMATE Trouble-making Task.

This book is fun, funny, laughable, humorous, and also ACTION-PACKED! Read it or you will be as sorry as Seamus Hinkle!

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