Thursday, August 30, 2012

Up and Coming: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Release Date: September 18, 2012

Blue has been told her entire life that if she kisses her true love he will die. She comes from a family of psychics and not the smoke and mirrors kind either, unfortunately. When they make a prediction it comes true, in some way, but "your true love will die from your kiss" is a pretty direct sort of fortune and one that Blue know better than to mess around with.

With this sort of prediction awaiting her, Blue's set some rules for herself. No boys. And especially no Aglionby Boys.

Aglionby is the private school that has its grounds in Blue's home town of Henrietta,VA. The boys are all relations of rich people and it seems to Blue like they are all destined to have wealth and success without working for it. They come into the restaurant where she works and are obnoxious and it's easy to write them all off as one and the same.

That's all fine and good until the St. Mark's day, when Blue, who has never been one to see anything supernatural (even with SO much of it happening around her), sees the soul of an Aglioby boy walk through a church yard. Suddenly she finds herself mixed up in the fates of this boy and his three friends. Gansey, Adam, Ronan and Noah, seem to be just the type of boys that Blue should hate. They're well educated, polished and spend their free time searching for a dead Welsh king in the wilds of Henrietta. But with the information she holds about Gansey, she finds herself befriending them instead.

As she joins the boys' search, it's easy to forget what she knows will happen. But it's in the back of her mind she remembers. Is there anyway to change what her family has seen? What trouble is this quest going to lead the boys into? What secrets is Henrietta hiding? 

This book is tense. It's tightly written and there are lots of details that show up and you just know are going to come back to haunt you as the story goes on. Everything the author's included has a reason for being there. Because this is the first book in a series, it definitely feels like she's sowing the seeds for the next volumes of the story. But The Raven Boys is a full story itself with plenty of action and some MAJOR twists. It also has a last fifty pages or so that is so intense I had to read it through the cracks in my fingers that I was covering my eyes with.

What readers of Stiefvater already know is that she is one of the best character writers in YA. She writes these warm and all too human people that are easy to really care about. There is not a single character in The Raven Boys that you wouldn't want to read an entire book devoted to their back story. The boys, Blue's family members, Blue, The Aglionby teachers, I want to know more about them all.

Lucky for me (and you, future reader) there are three more volumes of this series to look forward to. I'm already counting the days...

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