Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

Morgan Matson is an author we keep our eye out for, Katie snagged the first review of this awesome summer read:

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

Remember when Morgan Matson dazzled us all with the perfect summer road trip book, Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour (read our review here)? Well, good news! She is back with another read that you’ll be dying to take on a long summer trip (but maybe pack a kleenex or two, too).

Second Chance Summer is the story of what seems to be a normal family spending a normal summer at their cabin in the Poconos. But nothing about this summer is normal. The Edward’s haven’t been back to the cabin in five years. In the interim, they all got busy with their own things and their own schedules. But when Taylor’s dad is diagnosed with terminal cancer, all those schedules grind to an abrupt halt.

Now the summer looms ominously before them, and Taylor is filled with dread as to what awaits. Her father isn’t expected to live more than 3 months, and the cabin isn’t a place she left on a good note all those years ago. Broken friendships, broken hearts, and broken families appear to be the order of the day. But maybe this is Taylor’s opportunity to set things right--to finally say what she should have said all those years ago and to finally find the words she wants to say to her father. And maybe in so doing she’ll be able to patch up old friendships, rediscover lost love, and give her family a summer they will never forget.

Reading Morgan Matson’s novels reminds me of picking up a Sarah Dessen book (in the best possible way). In many ways it is familiar but so well done that it feels new. Sort of like having that friend you thought you lost forever come back into your life just when you need her most. You know, because this is a book about second chances after all.

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