Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kate's Picks for the Lazy Days of Summer

Our College and Career librarian Kate, stops by with a few fiction picks to get you through those hot and hazy days of summer.

Here are a few reads to enchant and inspire you for summer fun!
I Will Save You by Matt de la Pena
Kidd has left behind a group home and a painful past.  With no parents and no place to belong, he finds a job at a beach where he meets Olivia.  She’s one of the most beautiful and rich girls in Cardiff, but with a major secret.  Is a relationship even possible?  

But when Devon, nemesis and tortured friend of Kidd finds him, determined to pass on a few lessons, Kidd must find out what how it all will come together – What can he protect?  Is heartbreak inevitable?  Murder and suspense make this novel a gripping read. 

What’s a good summer camp summer supposed to have – sisterhood, first love, and betrayal?  Calla, Violet and Daisy are determined to have a fantastic summer whether it means breaking the rules a bit, telling your crush you love them, or following your heart.
But what is first --love for a sister, or having a good time? 
McVoy’s writing captures the experiences of teens at summer camp with to be enjoyed whether you’re at camp yourself on the beach or in the mountains.  (see a few more beach reads here)

What happens when your friend lets you down on a long-standing promise? Just having graduated from high school, Colby and Bev have been planning their band’s tour for the summer and later a tour of Europe.  But when Bev tells Colby she’s choosing college over the trip to Europe…  Colby is compelled to figure out a new path, one that may not include Bev.
If you didn’t catch it earlier, we interviewed Nina LaCour back in February. 

Other suggestions:
Boy21by Matthew Quick

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