Monday, July 30, 2012

Spotlight on Summer: Shirlington's Programs get Creative!

Anne, our youth services librarian at Shirlington Branch Library has the skinny on what's going down at the library this summer. Get your creativity flowing!
image used under creative commons license from here

Teens, this is your chance to shine. Or more accurately, glow!  Bring an old t-shirt and we'll provide some glo-markers so you can glow in the dark all summer.

Could you design a Spider-Man out of post-it notes?  Or maybe a GranTurismo Maserati? The possibilities are endless...come show us what YOU can create with some post-it notes. We'll create the art on our windows and then leave it for everyone to enjoy.

You provide an old pair of pants or shorts, we provide the bleach pens. Together we will ruin a perfectly good pair of clothing apparel…or maybe improve on the original.  Test your skills at decorating old clothes.  This could be the beginning of a new clothing line!

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