Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pushing the Limits by Kate McGarry

Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

If the first thing when you think of after you hear the word "summer" is "romance" we have got the perfect book for you today.

Echo Emerson was used to normal, she'd had normal for a long time. A brother, parents who loved her, a popular boyfriend and lots of good friends. She lost those pieces one by one, first her parents divorced, then her brother was killed in action and finally one last trauma took everything that was even close to normal away. Now her classmates view her as the school freak and she can't help but agree with them.

One of the few people farther down on the social ladder than Echo is Noah Hutchins. All the kids at school see is a burn out foster-kid with a dangerous attitude. They don't know Noah's reasons for being angry and they certainly don't know how far he'd go to protect his brothers who he's been separated from in the foster-care system.  But Noah doesn't care what the other students think and if he didn't need every single piece of evidence that he's become a responsible person that he can get, he'd never have agreed to be tutored by Echo.

They both need something from each other. Echo desperately wants her controlling father to get off her case, and that means making sure her college applications are as spotless as possible. And here's what looks good on applications: tutoring. Noah has only one goal, make his file look good enough for a judge to grant him custody of his brothers. But the two of them together are combustible.

Dating Noah is not going to make Echo's life go back to the way it was. He's nothing like Luke, her football player ex boyfriend, who is suddenly interested in her again. But after what she's been through is there really a way for Echo to go back, or does she need to find a new normal?

This is an intense romance, for fans of Simone Elkeles or Jennifer Echols. Both characters have a ton of emotional baggage, but they still find ways to support each other. The reader gets way more involved in the evolution of Noah and Echo's relationship than in the stories of love-at-first-sight. This is love against both of their better judgements. Like Elkeles and Echols, McGarry certainly knows her way around a make-out scene. If you pick this one up, your summer is about to get a lot warmer.

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