Monday, July 9, 2012

Middle School Monday: Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead

Katie has been waiting FOREVER to share this one with you. A new Rebecca Stead book is something to get excited about!
Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead

Release Date: August 7

Rebecca Stead is just one of those authors, you don’t ask yourself what the book is about or how long it is, you just read it. And savor it. In other words, she’s the sort of author who writes the best sort of books. 

Her latest, Liar & Spy, is definitely the best sort of book. It’s about Georges (the s is silent). Georges lives in Brooklyn. His dad recently lost his job and his mom is always late at the hospital. It doesn’t take long to see that Georges is lonely. 

When his family moves to a new apartment building, a sign posted for “A Spy Club” looks like it might be his window of opportunity to make new friends. These friends, Safer and Candy, live upstairs, and Safer seems to be happy to induct Georges into the world of intrigue and danger, especially when it comes to spying on their mysterious neighbor, Mr. X.

As the weeks pass, Georges gets pulled deeper and deeper into Safer’s clandestine activities. They become his escape from sitting alone at lunch and the bullies that seem to always be lurking in the background for their opportunity to pounce on him. But soon the spying leads to lying and when the truth finally comes out, Georges may be more alone than ever.

This book is a mystery novel in addition to a story of friendship, courage, and the kinds of lies we tell ourselves and each other. And because it’s a Rebecca Stead novel, it’s also an engaging exploration of spelling and taste and wild parrots. As with When You Reach Me there are plenty of twists in this plot, but the best reason to pick it up is to be reminded that sometimes it’s okay to get out into the world and make your own rules.

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Amy the Librarian said...

LOVE Rebecca Stead. LOVED this book. It's a gem.