Monday, July 23, 2012

It's "Where Things Come Back" Week!

This is a pretty exciting week here on TATAL because at the end of it we have an interview with Printz Winner, awesome writer and all around nice guy, John Corey Whaley. Because we love this book and we're psyched that he's taking the time to give you guys a deeper look into his book and writing process, we've decided to devote the whole week to Mr. Whaley and his book!

To get you guys ready for this week (where we'll have reviews, top fives, trailers, and more), we're going to let him introduce himself to you via his Youtube series: Awkward Author:

If you watch these, we think  you too are going to be excited about this week!

Also, did you know that our High School TAB club picked Where Things Come Back as one of their Top 10 books for last year? It's true! Check out the whole list here!

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