Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bits and Pieces: MidSummer Madness Edition

Welcome to the height of summer, we all need some interesting things to look at to relax our brains in this crazy weather:

There's no better way to kick off a bitz and pieces post than with a remix of Reading Rainbow... (via bookshelves of doom)

Except maybe this very trippy remix of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (via npr):


The wondrous teen run site Rookie has an interview with YA Queen- Francesca Lia Block. This site is so full of amazing stuff and a lot of it is about reading and authors, so we can fully get behind that. Of course there's also a million other posts about teen related things as well!

 One of our favorite internet librarians is GreenBeanTeenQueen and she's got a great list if you're lost on what to read this summer.

Delve into Shakesperian insults with this TED talk. Via Jon Skovron.

You know what's missing from your summer? Mongols. Find out more about them with YA author, John Green's, incredible web series: Crash Course

 If you love Pride and Prejudice, you have to check out the Lizzie Bennett Diaries web series. If you've NEVER read Pride and Prejudice, you still have to check out this web series. It's a hilarious, modern adaptation and at 20 episodes long (and growing) it will keep you from being bored this summer.

The teen writers' site, Figment, has a guide to the world of Harry Potter in charts:

Are you a fan of Maggie Stievfater? Did you know that for every one of her books, she makes a handmade trailer? This fall she has a NEW SERIES- The Raven Boys and she's released her trailer for it already, check it out below:

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