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We Chat with Becca Fitzpatrick and Get Excited about Saturday

We are VERY excited that Becca Fitzpatrick is joining us TOMORROW (Saturday, June 2) at Central library from 1-3pm. We were very lucky to have the chance to get to ask the author a few questions about her writing, her fans and even her high school boyfriends...

I know we’re heading into book 4 of the Hush, Hush Saga, but can you give our teens who haven’t started the books, a quick idea of what the series is about?

The Hush, Hush Saga tells the story of Nora Grey, a typical sixteen-year-old girl whose life gets turned upside down when a tall, dark, handsome and mysterious boy comes to her school and into her life.  On the surface Patch is a bad boy, but there’s much more to him than first meets the eye.  He is a fallen angel who would do just about anything to become human...just about. 

Your books are real page turners and they have a LOT of big twists and turns. That sort of thing takes planning; did you know what was going to happen in book four when you started work on Hush,Hush?

No.  Hush, Hush was written as a stand-alone novel.  My publisher was interested in more books and something inside of me needed to keep writing, to continue telling Patch and Nora's story.  As I approached the end of the series, I had an idea about how their story was going to conclude, but I wasn't certain until I wrote the first draft.    

There are a lot of very fun bad guys in the series; do you have a favorite baddie?  Who’s more fun to write, your “good” characters or the more evil ones?

Vee and Patch are my favorite characters to write...but that doesn’t mean they are the easiest to write.  I’ve been known to struggle with some of Patch’s one-liners.  When in doubt, I ask my husband.  He's responsible for some of Patch's most beloved lines. 

I’ve read that Patch has some characteristics pulled from one of your high school boyfriends. Does he know he’s been immortalized (literally) in your book? Are any of the other characters based on people you know?

Ha! Patch is loosely based on an old boyfriend.  I don't know if he knows, but I suspect not.  Some things are better kept secret.  Several of my characters have little bits of people I know or knew.

The world of paranormal fantasy is full of a very diverse cast of creatures: vampires, wolves, faeries, just to name a few.  Why did you decide to use the mythology of fallen angels as a base for the Hush, Hush saga?

When I first started writing Hush, Hush I knew Patch was a bad boy, but with a twist.  He had been a really moral person at one point, and something caused him to fall.  It wasn’t until later that the metaphor of falling became something literal in my head, and I realized he was a fallen angel.
Nora’s story is set in South Western Maine; it’s fun to see the North-Eastern beach towns as a setting. Did you get to spend some time in that area?

I haven’t, but I did a lot of internet research and it’s a beautiful area!  I hope to spend some time there one day.  When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a marine biologist and live in Maine. 

You have a pretty vocal and involved fan base. Have you ever been surprised by how they responded to a plot twist?

I feel very fortunate to have so many passionate fans.  Knowing they are so invested urges me to write the best books I can.  I tend to avoid reviews and reading fan-fiction, so the only time I hear about fans' reactions seems to be at live events. 

I enjoyed that each book really had a different mystery and a new set of questions, while still keeping some of the BIG questions unanswered. Has it been hard to weave all the answers together in the finale? 

It has been a bit challenging.  I hope readers will have all of their questions answered by the end of the series.  I've worked hard to wrap up all the major characters' story threads.   

Have you found yourself thinking about what happens to your characters after the end of Finale? When we spoke to Joan Bauer she told us that she writes biographies of her characters so she knows all the details about their lives. Do you do anything like that or at least picture where they’re going post-Finale?  

What a creative idea – kudos to Ms. Bauer.  No, I haven't done that.  I like to think that somewhere out there, Patch and Nora's story is still playing out, but at this point, after four books, I feel like they've earned a little privacy ;) 

Now that you’ve got the final book in the series, coming out in October, is it too early to ask what you have coming next? 

I’ve been working on a few things.  Hopefully I’ll be able to say more about that soon. 

Do you read YA yourself? Do you have any favorite authors to recommend to our readers?

Some of my favorite YA authors are Laurie Halse Anderson, Ally Condie, Kristin Cashore, Jenny Han, Veronica Roth, and Moira Young. 

Do you have any advice for teens who want to pursue writing as a career?

Keep a journal—you never know when your own life experiences will inspire a story. Share your work with others, learn from constructive criticism and learn, from a reader's perspective, what works and what doesn't. Finally, read—it's brain candy!

Thanks so much for stopping by, we're very excited about your event tomorrow!

We hope you all can join us TOMORROW!!

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