Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Reading is Here!!

It's that time of year again: time to sign up for summer reading. You can find out all about summer reading AND sign up by visiting your local library or visiting our libguide here

And now, a word from our favorite paranormals:
Jacob: Yes, it is I, Jacob Black, here to tell you about Summer Reading 2012.

Edward: Wait-a-second, that's why WE'RE HERE.
Legolas: You just stole that badge right off the neck of a librarian.

Jacob: Whatever guys, I do what I have to, in order to spread the word of Summer Reading

Edward: Well this year, Summer Reading is so simple even YOU can explain it. All you need to remember are three simple things: Join, Read, Donate!

Legolas: That's right. JOIN by signing up and coming to our fun programs. READ 4 books and turn in your log. Then you'll get a prize and the Friends of the Library will DONATE a book to the Reading Connection.
Jacob: Dudes, while you were blabbing away, I already signed up! And I know just what 4 books I'm going to put on my log-- hint: none of them have to do with any lost rings and all of them can be found in the M section.

Summer Reading 2012:
Join, Read, Donate: So easy, a paranormal creature can do it.

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