Friday, June 29, 2012

Becca Fitzpatrick + Super Fans = Awesome

 With the end of school and our top 5s, we have yet to tell you about the fabulous afternoon that we spent with author Becca Fitzpatrick. She visited Central library during the beginning of June and met with a crowd of very passionate fans, some of whom had traveled from Pennsylvania, Ocean City, MD and New Jersey!

We stole this picture from Ms. Fitzpatrick :)
She spoke to us all about how she started writing the Hush, Hush Saga after her husband gave her a certificate for writing classes for her birthday. Not only that, but we got the scoop on how those great covers came to be. Her cover model had to do some serious trampoline maneuvering to really look like he was a falling angel. It was fascinating to find out all of this behind-the-scenes secrets on how the book became the one we see on the shelves.

It was also wonderful to meet all the fans! These guys know Patch and Nora's story inside out. They had lots of questions for Becca, which led to even more secrets being spilled. These fans also went home with tons of goodies, thanks to the Fallen Archangel crew for bringing prizes for our WHOLE AUDIENCE! It was a fantastic afternoon and we are so thankful to Ms. Fitzpatrick for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to visit us.

If you missed the event,  you can find out more about Becca Fitzpatrick and her books by checking out our interview with her.
You can also check out her view on the event by clicking over to her blog.

And, you can see the rest of our photos (they're a little shaky, but you can get the idea) by clicking over to our album.

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