Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 in 5: Rachel's Fantastic Top Five

We're always excited to have new people with new books to share with you. Rachel, our new-ish Children's Librarian, shares her top 5 that leans towards the fantastical, we think it's fantastic.

The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder (see our full review here)In a last-ditch effort to attract a miracle cure for her terminal cancer, Cam Cooper and her family take a road trip to a small hamlet in Maine known for its abundance of such things—like purple dandelions, everlasting sunsets, and flocks of flamingoes. Cam’s biting wit had me literally laughing out loud in public as she pummeled through the last golden months of her life surrounded by the miracles of friendship, love, and the power of saying goodbye on her own terms.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
There are many updated versions of old fairytales, but Cinder is possibly my favorite. The gentle Cinderella of olden times gets a modern edge in Cinder, an orphaned cyborg mechanic whose past can determine the fate of a world facing intergalactic war and a mysterious, deadly plague.

Everneath by Brodi Ashton
Remember Twilight? Well, this is sort of like that, but with a better story, better writing, better characters—well it’s just better. Great for mythology geeks, Everneath has everything you could want in a fantasy: forbidden love, dangerous once-human creatures, and a bittersweet twist that will keep you aching for the second novel in the series, Everbound (2013 seems so far away…).

Above World by Jenn Reese
Aluna has lived her entire life underwater in a reclusive community that cut itself off from the rest of the world centuries before when humanity had lost its, well, humanity. But when her countrymen start dying of a mysterious malfunction in their breathing apparatus, Aluna is thrust into a complex and evil plot that threatens not only her home, but also the delicate equilibrium keeping the entire world in balance. Aluna has a fierceness and loyalty reminiscent of Katniss from The Hunger Games in this story that explores the intricacies of war and morality in a post-apocalyptic world.

You are my Only by Beth Kephart
Beth Kephart’s words read like poetry in this book of parallel stories. Emmy Rane is a young mother who makes a careless mistake that has drastic consequences. Fourteen years later, a teenager named Sophie—who has spent her entire life cowering under the restrictive thumb of her mother—makes her first friend and uncovers a box that reveals secrets of her own past.

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