Thursday, May 3, 2012

You Oughta Be in Pictures: J'aime Paris et Anna

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
You can file this post under "least surprising post ever." This book is just calling out for a movie adaptation.

If you want to know more about the plot of Anna, you can check out our reviews and even an ode to the author here. But let me tell you that it is BEGGING to be turned into a movie. A beautifully lit movie that's really filmed in Paris, with a soundtrack that you'll be listening to for months (the great Stephanie Perkins has got a jump start on this- you can listen to her Anna soundtrack here).

Basically I want it to be turned into a movie so that I can watch it as many times as I re-read the book....

Let's move on to casting decisions.

Anna Oliphant:  She's our American abroad. She's smart, shy and a neat freak. She's obsessed with movies and she'd like her life to be a little bit more like one. Whoever takes on the part will soon be getting Anna's distinctive hair, brunette with a blonde stripe in the front.

Who I'm Casting: I feel like this might be a bit of a cheat, but you guys, this is a character pretty close to my heart. I couldn't just give it to some unknown... So I'm going with someone I trust, who yes, will have to have an American accent and will probably balk at being in yet another YA novel adaptation.
Emma Watson
Used under Creative Commons License
from Flywithinsun~YR
She's fantastic and since so much of the movie is Anna, I'm sticking to my guns and going with her.

 Etienne St. Claire: He's one of the swooniest boys in YA lit. Half French, half American, an English accent and hair that defies description. He's broody, loyal and desperate to make it without the help of his over-bearing father. He's got to be on the shorter side since people are constantly commenting on our man St. Claire's height (or lack there of).

Who I'm Casting: Looking online, there are a lot of people with very strong opinions about who should play Anna's leading man. Lots of votes for Aaron Johnson, Daniel Radcliffe and Harry Styles. But we're branching off and going with a different British man. Short of stature, great hair and the added plus that he can dance (key for the very important club scene), how can we go wrong?
Jamie Bell
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from pascal.cardonna

Jamie Bell is pretty much perfect for this role. Don't you think? Now that we've done the hard work of casting, can Hollywood please get on the making of this movie? Please?

I'm going to bet that there are some people with some strong feelings on these casting choices out there. How'd we do? Who were you thinking would be perfect? Let us know!

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