Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What Do You Mean You Never Read: Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer

I was talking with Katie recently about the best first kisses in YF and there is a kiss in this book that totally makes my list. Katie hadn't read this one and I'm guessing there's more of you out there in her same sad predicament. Hopefully this post will get you to take a look at this older favorite:

Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer

Hope knows what it means to be a good waitress. The kind that can stack plates right up her arm and make a teething baby happy with an ice cube. Her aunt is a cook, so it just made sense for Hope to pick up a pad and apron and get started. It's in her blood, her mother may be terrible at the mom part (and thus not around) but she's the best waitress you'll ever meet.

Her aunt, Addie is starting at a new restaurant after a bad experience at her last place of employment and both Addie and Hope are feeling a little less than trusting of the human race. But the Welcome Stairways Diner is about to try its hardest to charm these two into staying. And G.T. Stoop, owner and (now former) cook of the diner is a one-man charm offensive. He's the type of person who is such a genuinely good guy that people want to protect him. And that includes Eddie Braverman, teen line-cook and a man of few words.

But not everyone in town is such a fan of G.T. Stoop, the mayor and his supporters would very much like to silence his do-gooder ways. It's only when these forces start to threaten Stoop and his diner that Hope begins to realize that she'd count herself among the people who will stand up for him.The only question is, how far will she have to go?

This book is like the best kind of diner food, it makes you happy and it's just exactly as good as you remember it being every time you go back to it.

And all of this is without even touching on that first kiss... Read it and then tell me I'm wrong. I dare you.


kathryn said...

You're not wrong. I love this book

Anonymous said...

Read this book, it was awesome!!!

nico said...

Yay! We think so too!