Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Westover Teens Plan Parties and More!

Katherine and her planning crew of teens have been up to some really fun stuff at Westover. She's here today to tell you how you can get involved!

The Hunger Games tributes at work
Wow what an amazing time we have been having at Westover! A few teens here decided it was time to start planning their own events. First thing on the agenda: Hunger Games Party!

They worked with me, the Teen Librarian, to plan the activities, menu, make flyers, promote at school, and run the party. They created a scavenger hunt with trivia questions about the books.

They decorated the meeting room in the colors of fire and brought snacks to share with their fellow tributes. There was pizza and cookies, and even "Peeta" Bread. Then the Panem Planning Committee got down to business.
A tribute practices her knots
First, there was the reaping, where Effie picked names out of a bowl to figure out who was going to serve as tribute from which district. They they were sent into the training round, where they learned how to tie survival  knots, painted their skin to look like a Capitol beauty queen, and tested their prowess in the archery challenge. After that they hunted all over around the meeting room and even outside the library for clues in the scavenger hunt. The last obstacle was the fire run, where they tried to make it from one end of the hallway to the other only stepping on certain colors of tiles. There were only a few survivors. At the end of the Hunger Games we were tired and weary, but one thing remained true: We LOVE the Hunger Games!

Some very dedicated teens also helped with Neighborhood Day. They spent a few days after school creating low-tech cardboard arcade games in the style of Caine's Arcade. The day of, they showed kids how to play their games and painted their faces with like ninjas, vampires, flowers, and army guys!

I am so thankful to these teens for bringing these awesome ideas to the library. We will be meeting soon to decide what's next. If you have any party or program ideas you'd like to see in the library, please comment!

If you'd like to join the Westover Teen Planning Committee, please contact me: Katherine Regeimbal, Teen Librarian at or 703-228-0522.

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