Monday, May 7, 2012

Middle School Monday: The Resisters by Eric Nylund

The Resisters by Eric Nylund

What if everything you thought you knew, your school, your friends, even your family, was a lie?
Ethan Blackwood thought he was living a normal life, his parents love him and he does well in school, he’s even the captain of his soccer team. But that was before he met Felix and Madison, two kids who show up at his school and tell him that it’s all fake.

 Fifty years ago Earth was invaded by aliens, aliens who were so effective at mind control that they were able to take over and enslave the whole planet in barely anytime at all. Children’s minds were their only problem, so to keep all the school kids from rising up, the aliens created neighborhoods where the children could grow up without ever knowing something is wrong. Until they head off to “high school,” except they’re really heading off to spend the rest of their lives working for the aliens.  It all sounds crazy, right?

Ethan never would have believed it if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes. Now he has the chance to do something about it. Felix and Madison are part of a group called the resisters who fight the aliens using I.C.E. fighting suits- That’s an Insecto Combat Exoskeleton or a giant, metal bug suit that allows the kids a fighting chance against the laser shooting aliens. Will Ethan be brave enough to risk his life, fighting aliens in a suit that moves by reading his mind? What chance do a bunch of kids have against an alien race?

These books are written by the man behind the books based on Halo Video Games, so he knows his way around a robot fighting scene, that is for certain. 

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