Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kristin Levine Visits All Tab Day- A Teen's Perspective

Last week our TAB students were lucky enough to have a visit from author Kristin Levine! We loved having her here and we are very happy she could come talk to our middle school book club students. You can check out our review of her most recent book here and then check out middle schooler Kayla's take on the event:
Kristin Levine All Tab Day Field Trip-  by Kayla E.
I thought the author made everything sound fun about writing. She had a really good schedule planned out for her presentation. She talked to us about how to work with an editor and which characters in the story where real and how she got the idea for her book.
2 Students read one of Kristen's scenes from the screenplay that started it all...
Everyone had a great time asking questions and she played a guessing game with us about which characters were real. I like the way she acted like she was just a normal person. Some authors don't like to share their personal lives, but she came out and told us about her background, about her life and how she grew up. Because some of us are visual people, it made it feel good to see the pictures of her life.

See the rest of the photos from this event in this slide show!
I learned a lot about writing. She was really nice to people, talking to them when she signed the books. She looked happy to be there.

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