Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman

The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman

Before you finish the first page of this book there will be a murder.

Nora has already dealt with a lot in her life, her brother died in a car crash and in the aftermath her family moved, sending Nora to the local private school while they retreated into their work. Nora's resilient, at her new school she found a new best friend in Chris and quickly befriended his girlfriend Adrianne as well. They became a triangle that made it through calculus, physics and even Chris' graduation.

But on the opening page, Nora's life explodes again.

Because the first page starts with blood. Chris' blood.

Chris had convinced Nora to use her skills at Latin translation to grab up an independent study project at the university. She, Chris and his roommate Max spent days elbow to elbow helping Professor Hoff with his obsessive project, translating ancient letters and documents. It was a couple of hours away from school, some time hanging out with her best friend and maybe even time to flirt with Max. It was never supposed to lead to trouble...

This book is intense. You could guess that, right? But seriously, this is the type of book that you'll be sneaking peeks at all day if you don't leave yourself enough time to read it all in one gulp. There are a lot of adult books that it reminds me of, especially Dan Brown books. But you don't normally get an international thriller with codes, secret religious groups and ancient Latin artifacts in the YA world. That's exactly what you've got with The Book of Blood and Shadow. Wasserman doesn't shy around from serious twists and turns and there are many hidden and extremely obscure clues. If you go along with Nora, hold on tight.
To go a little deeper into the mysterious in the book, check out the authors extra info on her site.

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