Monday, April 30, 2012

You Oughta Be in Pictures: Girl Magic

 Today's edition of You Oughta Be in Pictures Week comes from Katie:

One of my favorite moments in the Harry Potter films comes when Hagrid leads Harry into Diagon Alley for the first time. There is something about seeing the magic come to life on the big screen that reminded me that even though the book is almost always better than the movie, the film medium does have its merits.

So when it came down to deciding what book I would love to see turned into a movie, I couldn’t help but think of Kiersten White’s Paranormalcy by Kiersten White right off the bat. I mean, come on, a pink taser, mermaid best friend, devious (and beautiful) faeries, and a shapeshifter love interest! Such are the things Oscars are made of. Or at least what they should be made of.

Paranormalcy is the story of 16-year-old Evie, who in the grand tradition of YA literature just wants to blend in and be normal. But in a notable break from tradition, Evie lives at the International Paranormal Containment Agency and helps track and contain the irregular creatures that make up her normal. But life is not all fun and pink accessories. There are sinister powers at work and they are interested in Evie. She just doesn’t know why yet...

Balancing humor and suspense, this book was tailor made for the big screen (or even a small screen Buffy-like series would make me happy). It’s rare for me to enjoy a book where vampires run rampant, but it’s good to have exceptions to every rule. Especially when they are this much fun. 

As for casting, is Kristen Bell too old to play a high schooler? She rocked my face off in Veronica Mars with her standard issue taser. I think she could rock a pink one, too.
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 Here's a trailer for the book:

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