Thursday, July 12, 2012

Up and Coming: Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols

Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols

Leah has never relied on anyone except herself. She's lived in South Carolina trailer parks her entire life and learned that putting your trust in anyone else is setting yourself up for disappointment. The rest of the world looks at Leah and makes an instant judgement about her based on the way she does her hair, the length of her shorts and her home address, but Leah knows she is more than those things. It's no skin off her nose if the rest of the world can't figure that out.

Another thing Leah's figured out is that if South Carolina is going to put its trailer parks next to air fields, she's going to take advantage of that. She's been working at this one since she was 14 and walked under the fence. The first chance she could, she got Mr. Hall (of Hall's aviation) to start teaching her how to fly. Four years later she is now the proud owner of a commercial license with her sight set on one day being an airline pilot. Unfortunately, to do that she needs more than her own wits; she needs hours and hours of flight time and a plane. When Mr. Hall dies suddenly, she's scared that she may never have access to those things again.

When Mr. Hall's sons walk into her life with a job offer, it seems like things might be looking up. But Grayson and Alec bring with them just as much trouble as help for her. And when Grayson digs up a secret from Leah's past and holds it over her, she once again finds herself regretting relying on someone. But there's no other way. If Leah wants her feet off the ground, she'll have to find a way to do what Grayson wants her to, even if it breaks her heart.

Jennifer Echols is a go-to writer for romantic dramas. This one does not disappoint. Each character has a back story that the reader is trying to unravel and pretty soon they're just as tangled up in drama as Leah. Leah is TOUGH and not at all your average book-smart heroine. She is a girl who has had to take care of herself and is not about to let anyone wreck her hard work. If I met her at a party, I might be a little scared of her because she's got such a hard shell to protect herself. But this is a girl worth getting to know.

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