Thursday, April 19, 2012

Taking Advantage of Your Summer: Make Some Money!

Today we are visited by our new college librarian, Kate (yes if you're keeping score we now have a Kate, Kady, Katherine and Katie who regularly write for us, wow!):
Haven't planned your summer yet?  We are busy preparing for the Teen Expo, one of the largest summer job fair for teens in the DC area.  Exhibitors from employers from all over Arlington and the DC area will be trying to recruit teens for summer jobs, internships, and experiences.   It's taking place at Washington-Lee High School from 11-1 on April 21st The library even has its ownopportunities described here.   Pssst - The Central Young Adult teen summer internship's first deadline is May 15 th! (Other Central and Branch teen deadlines are later)

To help you prepare for this event, we have a couple books you might consider before you apply for your dream summer job. 

Teen guide job search : 10easy steps to your future - Includes learning your likes and dislikes, resume and application tips, dressing for success in air conditioned summer, interview advice and understanding on-the-job dos and don'ts!

The 101 toughest interview questions--and answers that win the job!- This handy book offers the right answers for talking your way into your dream experience.  

Teen dream jobs : how to get the job  you really want now! --Doing what you love is never over-rated and this book offers helpful advice to get started now.  

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