Monday, March 12, 2012

Mo' Heroines, Mo' Problems? We Think Not.

In which Jacob and Edward take on a common mistake in the book to movie world right now. One that's very close to their hearts.
(Blogger's Note: In the off season, the guys let themselves go a little and grew dastardly facial hair)

Legolas: So, Dudes. You guys must be pretty excited, right?

Edward: What are you even talking about now Lady Lovely Locks?

L: Your big new movie comes out in like ten days, right? 

 E: I know you're not talking about the HUNGER GAMES movie elf-boy.

L: Big budget teen movie based on a book with a girl protagonist. Sounds the same to me.

Jacob: Do you even know how sexist you sound right now? One girl is the same as any other? Do you get confused with Luke Skywalker very often? You both have beautiful hair and swords, right?

L: What? We are NOTHING alike!

J: Well, duh, neither are Katniss and Bella!
E: Exactly, Katniss is a butt-kicking heroine in a post-apocalyptic world who (in order to survive) has to kill other teens in a battle royale style televised event. She is tough as nails, ruthless and a killer shot with a bow and arrow.
J: And Bella, well Bella lives in Forks, Washington. She is a regular teen who is clumsy, sometimes REALLY emotional and likes to get too close to dumb, sparkly Vampires.
E: Hey, I resent that.. But yes, besides that last part.

J: If you're still confused about how different these books are, READ THEM.
And when you're done reading them, here are some books to read after finishing The Hunger Games and here are some to read after finishing  Twilight. You will notice they are very different.

E: Seriously man, school yourself.

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