Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Legend by Marie Lu

Katie stops by with a book for fans of the Hunger Games (one we know these guys would want you to read)
Legend by Marie Lu

One of the all time great obsessions of my high school self was the musical Les Miserables. So imagine my delight when I discovered that Marie Lu’s dystopian thriller Legend was inspired by the relationship between Jean Valjean and Javert--or for those of you who do not share my obsession, the relationship between the well-meaning, brillaint fugitive and the genius law enforcer tasked with the job of bringing the thief to justice.

June is a prodigy in the futuristic military state of the Republic of America (an area that appears to cover all land west of the Rocky Mountains). She has been trained to put her skills toward the defense of the Republic as they are attacked by the Patriots from within and the Colonies from the outside.

Day is neither a Patriot or a Colonist. In fact, no one seems to be quite sure who or what he is. His mother believes him to be dead, the Republic has declared him their Most Wanted criminal but hasn’t any clue what he looks like, and June finds the idea of him simply fascinating... until the night everything changes.

On that night, Day must take action to help his family and June is left alone in the aftermath of her brother’s murder. These two events become intricately entwined as June and Day are brought together by June’s quest for revenge and Day’s realization that the Republic may be far more dangerous than anyone realized.

This book starts at a breakneck pace that never lets up. Filled with action, suspense, heartbreaking plot twists, and romance, Marie Lu has crafted a series opener that will keep readers wanting more and serve as the perfect lead up to this month’s Hunger Games release in theaters.

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