Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

Born Wicked  by Jessica Spotswood

Cate Cahill's mother warned her not to do magic outside of the garden. She warned her to keep her sisters safe or there would be dire consequences. But now Cate's mother is dead and those words of advice are weighing heavily on Cate's shoulders.

In Cate's world, there had been a time when women with magic were in charge. The witches ruled and were not to be messed with. Those days are long gone now though and the Brothers run New England and will not hesitate to persecute anyone they suspect is still practicing witchcraft.

So now Cate's stuck in a seriously precarious position. If she keeps her sisters under lock and key to keep their magic under wraps they look stranger and stranger to society. Being over educated and antisocial might bring the attention of the Brothers anyway. But, if they go out to parties and teas as the other ladies do, what will happen if one Tess or Maura or even Cate slips up and lets her magic loose? Which option is less dangerous? Cate isn't sure and there's no one for her to ask. The wrong decision could mean disaster for the Cahill sisters.

This is a really romantic book. It's lush, vivid and dreamy (though the dreamy quality feels like it could turn night-marish at any moment). This is the beginning of a series and though the plot wraps up at the end, you'll be looking forward to finding out what happens after. I know I am. It's a really interesting alternate take on New England and the Brothers' control gives the book a very tense atmosphere that makes every move Cate makes feel weighty and dangerous.

Also this book has a seriously pretty trailer:

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