Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sending some Love - YA Lit Style

We thought we'd get into the Valentine spirit with some love notes to our favorites:

Dear Gilbert Blythe,

Roses are red,
So is Anne's hair,
But my feelings for you,
Are more than I can bear.

Love, (no, like seriously, love)

Dear Nancy Garden,
Annie + Liza = wonderful!  Thanks for Annie on My Mind and for busting open the door for other writers who care about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.  After all, everyone wants to imagine themselves as the star of a love story, right?
Yours very truly,

Dear Tom Mackee (and Frankie, Justine, Georgie and the psycho Tara Finke),
Everyone kept saying "you have to read this book,"
and I really have a problem reading books when people tell me I'm going to love them.
Thank you for being every bit as worthwhile as they said you would be. And more.
Glad we finally got together,

Dear Atticus,

You were the first and you set the bar really high. Thanks to you I have unreasonable expectations for all the men who've come after. It's okay though, you gave me a glimpse of what I deserve and taught me to never settle for less.

With warmest regards,

Dear Ms. Block,
Thank you for making me think, from a very early age, that what's important in life is the family you pick. And that you should be on the look out at all times for people to add to that category. 
Weetzie Bat totally made my world a better place.
xoxox  --Nico

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