Thursday, February 2, 2012

Radio Week:The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour

The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour (read Katie's rave here)

Let's start things off with a song:

"Romance" by WILD FLAG
This is a band that isn't mentioned in this book (but two of the characters do go to a Sleater Kinney concert which contains 2 of the members of this band so I totally think that counts) but as I was reading I kept thinking about this song and the awesomeness of this girl band. They just look like they are having THE BEST TIME EVER. They would be having a blast if there were two people in the audience. Also, they would be rocking just as hard.

Colby took one look at Bev when they were at the Sleater Kinney show and knew that she needed to start a band. This is the sort of thing Colby is good at, knowing what will make Bev happy. He is good at being her friend and he is going to make their post high school trip to Europe amazing. But first he is going to drive Bev and her bandmates Meg and Alexa on a summer tour around the Pacific Northwest.

Except Bev hasn't told Colby all the facts about her post high school plans. And now Colby is facing a fall that looks nothing like he thought it would. Before he gets there though, there is still the tour. A tour where they are going to follow in the footsteps of those rock goddesses that have come before them (even if they aren't that great at their instruments yet) and they are going rock extremely hard in extremely small venues. And for Colby, it's going to be amazing and heartbreaking and all the things that a life-altering summer ought to be.

Meg's playlists start with the Supremes, so we had to include this:
"Where Did Our Love Go?"- The Supremes (Classic!)

Of course, most importantly, Colby's summer is going to be full of music.  And friends. This is a book that will make you want to call up your best friends and schedule a road trip with them. It's a book that will cause you to reach for your ipod and start putting together playlists for that trip. And it's a book that will make you want to listen to every song that Bev, Colby, Alexa and Meg mention- which means that you will have plenty of amazing songs to sing together at 3 am as you're driving with your friends on your roadtrip.

Here's the official trailer for the book to finish things off:

TOMORROW! We will be interviewing the author of The Disenchantments, Nina LaCour!!! Don't miss it!


Nina said...

I love this post so much! The whole music week has been awesome.

nico said...

Yay! We are SO excited to share your interview with everyone tomorrow! And to share how much we love The Disenchantments too! (And thanks for reading our music posts this week too, we love any excuse for a good dance party!)